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Tue Jun 26 18:27:50 AEST 2018

Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at orthanc.ca> wrote:

> > The Wikipedia article also indicates that PMDF became Sun Java System
> > Messaging Server.  Which seems to counter Clem's comment.
> Commercial PMDF was sold/maintained by Innosoft (Ned Freed, Chris Newman, ...)
> Innosoft was bought up by Sun prior to its assimilation by the Oracle borg ...

They are still active though I can't remember what their software is
called these days. It has grown a lot of features, e.g. IMAP message

According to the MMDF FAQ, MMDF was also the basis for PP, but my PP
manual says MMDF was just the inspiration, and it suggests that Kille and
his team rewrote it from scratch. PP was the UK Grey Book / X.400 mailer,
and (according to its manual) its name definitely did not stand for
Postman Pat. PP is still around as the (commercial) ISODE mail server.

When I worked at Demon Internet in 1997-2000, they were using MMDF for
their mail servers - I gather this came from their origins as a SCO

At Cambridge, our central email relay was named the "PP Switch" in about
1991 (IIRC) and it is still to this day called ppsw.cam.ac.uk.

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