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Grant Taylor via TUHS wrote in <8a81f6fb-5689-f0b4-49e3-5871c4d3a402 at spa\
 |On 06/24/2018 07:38 PM, Dave Horsfall wrote:
 |> The only updates I've seen to BIND in recent years were 
 |> security-related, not functionality.  Yeah, I could switch to another 
 |> DNS server, but like Sendmail vs. Postfix[*] it's better the devil you 
 |> know etc...
 |I've seen the following features introduced within the last five years:
 |  - Response Policy Zone has added (sub)features and matured.
 |  - Response Policy Service (think milter like functionality for BIND).
 |  - Catalog Zones
 |  - Query Minimization
 |  - EDNS0 Client Subnet support is being worked on.
 |That's just what comes to mind quickly.

But that misses indeed the greatest achievements of all imho,
transport layer security support for DNS via those standards which
drive the web, are seen by thousands and thousands of eyes, and
are used a billion times a day at least, and that is DNS over

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