[TUHS] off-topic list [ really mh ]

Jon Steinhart jon at fourwinds.com
Tue Jun 26 01:47:21 AEST 2018

Clem Cole writes:
> Noel, I did a quick look at that code.   That is some of it for sure -
> looks like the parts in /usr/bin and maybe some of /usr/lib (MH was scatter
> all of the file system in traditional UNIX manner -- lots of small programs
> - each to do one job only - each fit in a small address PDP-11 just fine).
> The docs are missing and the MTA part is not there (which I think I
> remember was called 'submit' - but I could be very wrong on that).   It's
> the second version because that code is using stdio, the first version used
> a Rand IO library, if I remember right (not the portable C library).
> Clem

BTW, I would think that the original code is somewhere in the nmh archives too.

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