[TUHS] mail (Re: off-topic list

George Michaelson ggm at algebras.org
Mon Jun 25 12:44:15 AEST 2018

your email Lyndon, was uncannily like what I wanted to say. I think.

a) (n)MH is great
b) I can't live in one mail UI right now for a number of reasons.
Thats unfortunate
3) integration of MH into pop/imap was abortive and requires effort.
If thats improved, I'd love to know
4) we stopped advancing the art (tm) for handling data via pipes and
grep-like workflows

the plan9 plumber is amazing. I remain in awe of the work done to get
there, but its observable it isn't well applied anywhere else in the
ecology, that I can see. Which is odd, and .a shame given Pike works
in Google now. I guess people move into different roles (I know I

If you put your version of NMH up anywhere I'd love to see it.

the one thing I do know, is that I have far more email accounts than I
should do (three, with two subvariants) and far more UI than I want

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