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Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Sun Jun 24 09:31:06 AEST 2018

On 06/23/2018 03:21 PM, Michael Parson wrote:
> The first rule in my .procmailrc does this with formail:

That works well for many.  But it does not work at all for me.

There are many additional factors that I have to consider:

  - I use different email addresses for different things.
  - Replies come to one email address.
  - Emails from the mailing list come to a different address.
  - Replies are direct and arrive sooner.
  - Emails from the mailing list are indirect and arrive later.
This means that the emails I get from the mailing list are to different 
addresses than message that were CCed directly to me.
  - I want the copy from the mailing list.
  - I want to not arbitrarily toss the direct reply in case the message 
never arrives from the mailing list.

> Doesn't move duplicates to the trash, it just prevents multiple copies 
> of the same message-id from being delivered at all.  The 8192 specfies 
> how large of a cache (stored in ~/.msgid.cache) of message-ids to keep 
> track of.

In light of the above facts, I can't simply reject subsequent copies of 
Message-IDs as that does not accomplish the aforementioned desires.

I also want to move the existing message to the Trash folder instead of 
blindly removing it so that I have the option of going to Trash and 
recovering it via my MUA if I feel the need or desire to do so.

What I do is quite likely extremely atypical.  But it does what I want. 
I have my own esoteric reasons (some are better than others) for doing 
what I do.  I'm happy to share if anyone is interested.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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