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Tom Ivar Helbekkmo tih at hamartun.priv.no
Sun Jun 24 07:05:02 AEST 2018

Grant Taylor via TUHS <tuhs at minnie.tuhs.org> writes:

> How does my use of DMARC irritate the list-reply mechanism of your MUA?
> DMARC is completely transparent to message contents.  Sure, DKIM adds
> headers with a signature.  But I don't see anything about DKIM's use
> that has any impact on how any MUA handles a message.
> Or are you referring to the fact that some mailing lists modify the
> From: header to be DMARC compliant?
> Please elaborate on what you mean by "DMARC irritate the list-reply
> mechanism of your MUA".

Thanks, Grant!  It's always a pleasure when someone decides to follow
these things through, and I'm glad to see you doing it now (even though
I certainly wouldn't have the stamina to do it myself.

Most people who graduate with CS degrees don't understand the significance
of Lisp.  Lisp is the most important idea in computer science.  --Alan Kay
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