[TUHS] core

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Jun 18 00:36:10 AEST 2018

    > From: Derek Fawcus

    > Are you able to point to any document which still describes that
    > variable length scheme? I see that IEN 28 defines a variable length
    > scheme (using version 2)

That's the one; Version 2 of IP, but it was for Version 3 of TCP (described
here: IEN-21, Cerf, "TCP 3 Specification", Jan-78 ).

    > and that IEN 41 defines a different variable length scheme, but is
    > proposing to use version 4.

Right, that's a draft only (no code ever written for it), from just before the
meeting that substituted 32-bit addresses.

    > (IEN 44 looks a lot like the current IPv4).

Because it _is_ the current IPv4 (well, modulo the class A/B/C addressing
stuff). :-)


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