[TUHS] ANTS (was: In memory of: J. Presper Eckert)

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The kernel remained the JHU/BRL Unix kernel we used everywhere else (a
hacked version of V6 where we put a filesystem switch in to allow mounting
of either V6 or V7 filesystems).   I don't know where he got the NCP code
that he jammed into it, but it was likely the NCP Unix project you
mentioned.    I was actually not there at the time  (My roommate Bob Miles
was) and this was one of the "January 1" cut over dates (a few years later,
we'd be jamming 4 BSD TCP into that kernel for the TCP/IP conversion).    I
do remember watching Mike l building the thing on the 11/70 and lugging the
RK05 over the the other building to test it.

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ANTS was written by Gary Grossman and the experience with ANTS and ANTS 2
was the direct inspiration for NCP Unix (which was probably what Mike

The source for NCP Unix is available on the Unix Tree webpage:

> Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 13:42:00 -0400
> From: "Ron Natalie" <ron at ronnatalie.com>
> While Mike and I still shared an office in 394, the ENIAC room was where
the IMP 29 on the ARPANET was and a PDP-11/40 system that ran a terminal
server called ANTS (ArpaNet Terminal Server) complete with little ants
silkscreened on the rack tops. When the ARPANET went to long leaders, Mike
replaced that software with a UNIX host giving the BRL their real first HOST
on the Arpanet. Years later I recycled those racks (discarding the 11/40) to
hold BRL Gateways (retaining the ants).

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