[TUHS] OT: critical Intel design flaw

Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Thu Jan 4 12:09:15 AEST 2018

On 1/3/2018 6:40 PM, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> It's the 21st century, except for big data centers at Google,
> Facebook, Microsoft, et. al, who uses disk drives in this day and
> age?
Have you actually priced "Enterprise" level SSD's lately that come with 
a support contract so that when they hit their end of life, the VAR will 
replace them?

Dell 400GB SLC (Hitachi) in a Compellent, $5K, and that's with an 
educational discount a couple of years ago.

Sure, if you're doing an IOPS/$ comparison, they shine. But for the most 
part, a Compellent with a few SLC SSDs, and a few MLC SSDs, still needs 
spinning rust to make the bulk of the storage.

And this is a tiny 70TB installation mostly for VMware and Oracle DB.


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