[TUHS] RIP Claude Shannon

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In the early 70s I became aware of Shannon, the Nyquist Theorem, and digital 
audio, and naively started collecting TTL parts to try to build my own music 
computer (I still have bags of those parts in the garage...).

"Twenty years later, Claude Shannon, mathematician and early computer 
scientist, also working at Bells Labs and then M.I.T., developed a proof for 
the Nyquist theory (thereby making it a theorem)*. The importance of their 
work to information theory, computing, networks and digital audio cannot be 


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We lost Claude Shannon on this day in 2001.  He was a mathematician,
electrical engineer, and cryptographer; he is regarded as the "father" of
information theory, and he pioneered digital circuit design.  Amongst
other things he built a barbed-wire telegraph, the "Ultimate Machine" (it
reached up and switched itself off), a Roman numeral computer ("THROBAC"),
the Minivac 601 (a digital trainer), a Rubik's Cube solver, a mechanical
mouse that learned how to solve mazes, and outlined a chess program
(pre-Belle).  He formulated the security mantra "The enemy knows the
system", and did top-secret work in WW-2 on crypto and fire-control

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will 

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