[TUHS] lisp challenge

Andy Kosela akosela at andykosela.com
Sat Feb 17 09:34:13 AEST 2018

On Friday, February 16, 2018, Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:

> So people have called me on the claim that lisp is not fast.  Here's a
> rebuttal.
> Please write a clone of GNU grep in lisp to demonstrate that the claim
> that lisp is slower that C is false.
> Best of luck and I'll be super impressed if you can get even remotely
> close without dropping into C or assembler.  If you do get close, I
> will with draw my claim, stand corrected, point future "lisp is slow"
> people at the lisp-grep, and buy you dinner and/or drinks.
> --lm

Good challenge.  I consider anything that came out of MIT's ITS/Lisp
(including Emacs) culture as totally opposite to the UNIX/C culture.
Complexity vs. minimalism are the best words to explain both approaches to

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