[TUHS] Windows roots and Unix influence (was Re: Happy birthday, Ken Thompson!)

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Tue Feb 6 08:31:27 AEST 2018

On 02/05/2018 02:57 PM, Ron Natalie wrote:
> I've not seen that in an airplane.   I'd like a cite.

I don't have any citations.

I do remember in the last few years hearing about two distinct events:

1)  A passenger purportedly took over an airplane while while in flight 
momentarily.  I vaguely remember something about altering thrust to one 
engine for a brief time frame before returning it to where it was, and 
then doing the same with the other engine.

2)  A control research condition by authorities, FBI, FAA, I don't know, 
reproducing #1 above.

I believe both seemed plausible from what I remember.

Sorry, I don't have anything more specific.  Someone with better search 
skills than me can probably turn up news articles on both events.

Grant. . . .
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