[TUHS] Odd behaviour on V6 startup, etc

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Feb 2 00:12:05 AEST 2018

    > From: Sergio Pedraja

    > I am very interested in your work exactly for the reasons you explain

We will generally be sending messages about it to the CCTalk list (for
collectors of 'classic' computers), so if you want to be notified about it,
sign up there.

We currently have only wire-wrap prototypes (the FPGA is on an off-the-shelf
daughter-card); we're hoping to produce PCB production versions 'soon'. We do
have the technology for getting PCB's, which we have used for doing 'indicator


We have those working (they've been a big help in debugging, actually :-), and
they'll be available too. I don't personally have one of them yet, I'm
_really_ looking forward to watching the lights blink as UNIX boots... :-)

    > The only difference is that my PDP-11 is one 23/PLUS.  There are some
    > differences between this one and the PDP-11/23 and perhaps your emulator
    > woudln't work in this PDP-11 model.

No, AFAIK the /23 and /23-PLUS are effectively identical, as far as the QBUS
goes. (Obviously the -PLUS has devices, etc, the plain /23 doesn't, but they
don't enter into whether our board will work with one.)

We also plan at UNIBUS version; the two busses are similar enough that we'll
probably start with a PCB version for that one.

    > I will test the working state of my PDP. If all is fine perhaps I could
    > help doing with some tests on it.

Sure; use CCTalk.


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