[TUHS] An Early Unix Group Meeting (funny story)

Steve Johnson scj at yaccman.com
Mon Sep 25 12:47:31 AEST 2017

The theory that Unix stood for "Emasculated Multics" has never quite

At one point, a couple of people (I don't remember who) thought it was
funny to answer the phone in the Lab by saying, in a high squeeky
voice, "Unix Room".  They gave it up after a couple of people just
hung up...


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 I started using Unix in ~1977 at UC Santa Barbara. At some point
 around then we decided to host a Unix users meeting in the U-Cen
 student union building. We asked the facilities people to prepare
 a sign pointing to the meeting room.

 Imagine my reaction when I walked into the building and saw
 the following sign:

 "Eunuchs Group Meeting - Room 125"

 I don't know if any eunuchs actually showed up.

 Jon Forrest

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