[TUHS] Another "craft" discussion topic - mindless tool proliferation

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Fri Sep 22 10:36:24 AEST 2017

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 10:02:07AM +1000, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Thursday, 21 September 2017 at 20:39:24 +0200, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> > Tony Finch <dot at dotat.at> wrote:
> >
> >> I think it's a shame that the non-man-page parts of the Unix
> >> documentation set have been neglected, in that you don't often get
> >> newer programs following the style of the USD / SMM / PSD guides.
> >
> > The problem being that even FreeBSD dropped them from the base
> > system.
> There was a good reason for that.  To my recollection, they hadn't
> been maintained At All, and they were decades out of date.  While they
> were interesting for their historical content, as user/programmer
> documentation they were useless at best and misleading or dangerous at
> worst.

That's really on the maintainers, it's a shame they haven't kept those
up to date.  Either update them or add to them, there has to be something
worth writing up.

I used to *love* those manuals.

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