[TUHS] Who is running their own mail server and what do you run?

Ian Zimmerman itz at very.loosely.org
Fri Sep 22 01:49:28 AEST 2017

On 2017-09-20 23:34, Grant Taylor wrote:

> I expect my message directly to you will bounce then, as I'm using
> Linode as well.
> I'm purposely sending this message to you so that it will (hopefully)
> bounce.  That way I can open a support case with Linode, as a
> customer, and *hopefully* get them to change their policy.  ;-)

Ditto here.  But Dave must have added this recently, as I have conversed
with him privately not longer than a month ago.

Please don't Cc: me privately on mailing lists and Usenet,
if you also post the followup to the list or newsgroup.
Do obvious transformation on domain to reply privately _only_ on Usenet.

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