[TUHS] UNIX of choice these days?

Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Thu Sep 21 09:37:40 AEST 2017

On Tue, 19 Sep 2017, Arthur Krewat wrote:

> What's your UNIX of choice to do normal "real" things these days?

Started with SunOS in 1992.

Got Linux on the desktop in 1994 and I've used it as my desktop ever 
since.  The only time I was worried about the continued viability of Linux 
as a desktop was around 2000-2002.  I found that was the period of maximum 
Microsoft (MS) browser dominance.

After that I think a number of changes improved the situation:

(1) MS started to more actively and honestly work with standards bodies 
and other vendors.

(2) Greater public recognition of the importance of open standards.

(3) MS desktop dominance became increasingly irrelevant with the rise of 
mobile computing.

(4) Chomebooks appeared, increasing the number of people using a Linux/X 
desktop even if they didn't realise it.



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