[TUHS] Happy birthday, Dennis Ritchie! [ really sun vs dec/apollo --> X and NeWS ]

Chris Torek torek at torek.net
Wed Sep 20 05:21:45 AEST 2017

>BSD's err/warn family is a further refinement on this - it allows
>format/arguments, as I complained about in another post ...

Yes, which is why I pushed for having something like this.
The final implementation (err, errx, warn, warnx) is not
quite what I had suggested (I had an error-exit-code that,
if 0, meant this was a warning, i.e., don't exit) but the
essence is all there.

>and lets you specify what file to send output to,

It does now.  That was not in the original.  It's a good
idea though.

>and the existence of err vs warn lets you avoid having
>exit as a separate step.

I still like my "exit code" argument with zero for warn,
since it pushes one towards a nonzero exit for all errors.


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