Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Tue Sep 19 16:46:44 AEST 2017

Noel Chiappa writes:
> > That makes sense if it's '73.  That would be the Ritchie front end
> > and v5/v6 syntax as I remember=20
> Here:
>   http://publications.csail.mit.edu/lcs/specpub.php?id=717
> is the TR describing it (well, this report covers one by him for the
> Honeywell 6000 series, but IIRC it's the same compiler).

It mentions a PDP-10 version on page 5.

> I didn't read the whole thing slowly, but glancing quickly at it, it
> sounds like it's possible a 'from scratch' thing?

That's my impression.  Various places claim this compiler was an
inspiration for PCC.  Also, Snyder was the one to suggest a preprocessor
and the && and || operators.

I'm in touch with someone who has the source code for the compiler, but
we can't release it to the public without consent from Alan.

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