[TUHS] Weird nix? Regulus

David david at kdbarto.org
Mon Sep 18 03:27:00 AEST 2017

What a pain, almost like Unix, and not quite. l It was a clone of Unix for the 68k. The APIs were ever so slightly different because the authors were concerned about copyright infringement. libc calls had different argument orders or types and in general it was just off enough that you wanted to claw at the screen every time something went wrong.

To top it off, the system we were hosting it on was so slow that a full rebuild of our meager (10k lines) software took overnight.

I eventually ported all the software to a SparcStation-2 cross compiling to the 68k target we were embedded on.

> To kick a more relevant thread off, what was the "weirdest" Unix system you used & why? Could be an emulation like Eunice, could  be the hardware e.g NULL was not zero, NUXI byte ordering etc.
> Cheers, Warren

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