Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Mon Sep 18 01:22:15 AEST 2017

I have a C compiler for TOPS-10 that I got off the Internet back in 
1988. Still haven't messed around with it enough to get it to run, but ...

The only string in it that means anything is this:

File:  %s, compiled by Sargasso C v. %c

And a discussion I started a long time ago:


On 9/17/2017 11:01 AM, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
> Warner Losh writes:
>> Arthur Krewat wrote:
>>> Was there ever a UNIX or even the thought of porting one
>>> to a PDP-10?
>> IIRC, there was a NetBSD/pdp10. Don't know how far it got.
> Not far enough.  I was a little bit involved when there was talk of
> using GCC.
>> The instructor of my first C course in college wrote a very
>> good C compiler for TOPS-10/TOPS-20.
> Which one?
> I have found remnants of a compiler called C10 by Alan Snyder.  I have
> tried to reach him without result.

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