[TUHS] Happy birthday, Dennis Ritchie!

Erik Berls erik at ono-sendai.com
Fri Sep 15 08:39:14 AEST 2017

No, I am Spartacus!

I've toyed with this idea as well, mostly for getting a NetBSD environment
in a Docker container.

Maybe we should pool resources?

On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 15:04 Christian Groessler <chris at groessler.org>

> On 09/14/17 21:52, Steve Nickolas wrote:
> > I never managed to pull it off, but I tried creating a full live Linux
> > environment based on musl, clang, Heirloom Toolchest and
> > OpenBSD/NetBSD sources.  The idea was that I wanted to make a "Real
> > Unix" that happened to have Linux as its kernel.  (It also would have
> > run the CDE as its default desktop.)
> I, too, was toying with the idea of creating a NetBSD distribution which
> uses the Linux kernel and NetBSD userland.
> I very much like the concept of going to /usr/src and typing "make
> build" (or "make world" on FreeBSD) and have the
> whole base system rebuilt.
> I've played with Gentoo Linux which also builds from source, but I found
> it too complicated (for me, at least). On the
> BSDs it's just Makefiles, and no strange python (or whatever) scripts to
> build the system.
> Maybe when I'm retired and have plenty of time...
> regards,
> chris
> --
Look, I lived through the Gray Davis years.  I *need* a UPS.
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