[TUHS] [Groff] It is time to modernise "groff"

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Tue Sep 5 06:43:40 AEST 2017

> On Sep 4, 2017, at 11:28 AM, Jon Steinhart <jon at fourwinds.com> wrote:
> The groff folks did a great job of maintaining compatibility.  My wish list
> for changes is pretty small.  It would be nice to have some additional
> features in pic.  And it would be good to be able to use any Unicode character.

The Plan9 *roffs handle UTF-8 natively.  I thought the Heirloom Tools version of troff had been extended to do so as well?  But I have never used the latter, so what do I know ...

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