[TUHS] Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language Unearthed!

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Fri Sep 1 10:19:27 AEST 2017

No, such a Pascal would've been more of an Ada if developed like C++; more of an Oberon or Modula-2 
if minimalist.

I (officially) learned programming with Turbo Pascal. However, I'd already read both Comer's and 
Tanenbaum's books on operating system design and implementation, and likewise Brinch Hansen's 
book on Solo and Concurrent Pascal.

It didn't take long to work out that you could put together larger projects even with Turbo C than you 
could with Turbo Pascal, and the Turbo Pascal efforts towards handling large projects were a fudge.

I liked Oberon - I think Wirth came closer to the minimalism of C with Oberon.

Wesley Parish

Quoting Doug McIlroy <doug at cs.dartmouth.edu>:

> > If Unix was written in Pascal I would've happily continued using
> Pascal!
> Amusing in the context of Brian's piece, which essentially says if Unix
> could have been written in Pascal, then Pascal wouldn't have been
> Pascal.
> doug\

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