[TUHS] Last officially distributed and currently available BSD version

emanuel stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Mon Oct 23 03:00:54 AEST 2017

On 2017-10-22 10:51, Dan Cross wrote:

> At one point, I had a copy of a bootable exabyte tape with 
> 4.4-encumbered installation and source images for SPARC, specifically 
> sun4c machines, that I had liberated from somewhere. My understanding 
> was that the reference hardware at Berkeley was 68030- and 68040-based 
> HP 9000 machines, 

Which models exactly?

> and the SPARC bits were a contribution from Chris 
> Torek. I got -Lite running on an older SPARCstation 1, but it wasn't 
> particularly reliable (the compiler would segfault, and it panic'ed once 
> a day or so), so we put SunOS back on it pretty quickly.
> Hope that helps.
>          - Dan C.

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