ARPANET Information Brochure (December 1985)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Tue Oct 17 22:57:15 AEST 2017

    > From: Larry McVoy

    >>> I was told, by someone that I don't remember, that uwisc was the 11th
    >>> node on the net. ... If anyone can confirm or deny that I'd love to know.

    > I dunno.

I don't have any axe to grind here. I don't care if they were the first, or
the last. You asked "If anyone can confirm or deny that I'd love to know",
and all I'm trying to do is _accurately_ answer that.

    > That 1985 map has uwisc in there

I have a large collection of ARPANET maps here:

and the first one on which UWisc shows up is the October, 1981 geographical
map - over ten years since the ARPANet went up (December, 1969 is the earliest
map I have there).

    > I do know that prior to the net there was uucp

Which "net" are we talking about here? ARPANET? CSNET? Internet? The UUCP network
long post-dated the ARPANET - I think it was started in the late 70's, no?

The earliest Internet map I have is from 1982, here:

and again UWisc is not on it. (Yes, I know it's on Wikipedia, but I'm the one
who uploaded it, so I can verify it.)

CSNET I don't know much about, that may have been what the comment referred

Wikipedia (for what little we can trust it) says "By 1981, three sites were
connected: University of Delaware, Princeton University, and Purdue
University"; since Lawrence Landweber at UWis was the main driver of CSNET, I
doubt it would have been far behind.


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