Running V8 - is a distro runnable directly, or does it need BSD 4.1

Will Senn will.senn at
Mon Oct 16 07:51:28 AEST 2017

I remember a thread on the mailing list a while back where Warren 
announced the availability of the V8-V10 source code and being intrigued 
at the possibility of running it. Then I recently came across a note by 
dmr referring to V8 and further tweaking my interest:

Here's what he said:

As for the system aspects: K&R 1 (1978) was done on
what would soon be 7th edition Unix, on 11/70;
K&R 2 (1988) using 9th edition on VAX 8550.
Kernighan and Pike's Unix Programming
Evironment (1984) used 8th edition
on VAX 11/750.

About the releases (or pseudo releases) that
Norman mentions: actually 8th edition was
somewhat real, in that a consistent tape
and captured, probably corresponds fairly
well with its manual, and was educationally
licensed for real, though not in large quantity.
9th and 10th were indeed more conceptual in that
we sent stuff to people (e.g. Norman) who asked,
but they weren't collected in complete and
coherent form.

This combined with my tinkering with V7 and working through K&R (1978) 
got me hankering to go through K&P (1984) on a Vax running V8. Then, I 
came across this:

and decided to jump in and start running V8. Then it hit me - is it even 
possible to run a V8 instance (similarly to V5/V6/V7, from tape) or is 
it as this note says, necessary to run the bits on a 4.1 BSD base? How 
realistic would the experience be to actually running the system 
described in the Unix Programming Environment if it's actually running 
BSD 4.1... Thanks for any insights y'all might have on this.



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