help building kernel after fresh install of V7

Will Senn will.senn at
Sun Oct 15 02:40:14 AEST 2017

After installing a fresh simh V7 instance with 2 RP06's and a TU10, I 
tried building the kernel and running it. I got a panic. I didn't mess 
with the defaults, so I'm at a loss as to how the stock kernel is 
different from the one I built. I tried building as root, then sys, same 
effect. Here's what I did:

nboot.ini contents:

    set cpu 11/70
    set cpu 2M
    set cpu idle
    set rp0 rp06
    att rp0 rp06-0.disk
    set rp1 rp06
    att rp1 rp06-1.disk
    boot rp0

pdp11 nboot.ini
hp(0,0)unix (actually renamed hptmunix)
mem = 2020544
login: root
cd /usr/sys/conf
make allsystems
... build stuff, no errors or warnings

mv hptmunix /

quit the sim

pdp11 nboot.ini
mem = 2021696
err on dev 0/0
bn=1 er=100000,4507
err on dev 0/0
bn=1 er=100000,4521
err on dev 0/0
... etc.

Am I doing something wrong or missing an important configuration step. I 
am just trying to rebuild the stock kernel before I try any 

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