stty erase '^?' in v7

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> At MIT, the PWB1 (effectively) system that was standard at Tech Sq had had
> its
> ​ ​
> teletype driver completely re-written by the time I started using it, and
> that
> ​ ​
> was changed, so I never saw this IRL.
​Didn't Steve Zimmerman (of Zimmerman emacs) fame​ have his hand in this?
He hacked the MSCP tty handler heavily with a lot MIT features.

It was probably post the MIT job control stuff, but the tty handler I
remember and somewhat miss was a TENEX-like ^T feature that did a one line
ps of the jobs attached to your terminal.

> An even bigger problem was that in vanilla V6, there's _no way_ to do 8-bit
> input _and_ output. Sheesh.

Painful memories ... I remember seeing that early on too V5​ too and
thinking 'what a hack' as we had many glass TTY's with only an ASR33 on the
console back then.  And we were also trying to download binaries (to other
processors) so an 8-bit path was wanted.
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