Mangled and non-mangled TUHS mail lists

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Wed Oct 4 04:43:45 AEST 2017

On 2017-10-03 12:20, Grant Taylor wrote:

> I also staunchly believe that Mailing lists are an entity unto
> themselves.  Said entity is what sends the emails, not me.  As such,
> my opinion is that said entity should draft completely new messages
> using textual content from source material that I provided.  Thus
> there is nothing about the original message envelope to be a problem.

It's a valid viewpoint, but one of its consequences is that there is no
straight way of relating multiple copies of the original message.  Not
only in the somewhat shady case of personal reply+list followup, but
also in the quite legitimate case of posting the same message to
multiple lists.

A related situation is list managers that act as 2-way gateways from/to
Usenet groups.  Mailman can do that, and when it does it rewrites the
Message-ID.  The result is that all threads with mixed participants
(posting both via Unsenet and via email) are broken.

This is why I stopped reading the core GNU lists (help-gnu-emacs et al.)
when they adopted Mailman.

Please don't Cc: me privately on mailing lists and Usenet,
if you also post the followup to the list or newsgroup.
Do obvious transformation on domain to reply privately _only_ on Usenet.

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