Mangled and non-mangled TUHS mail lists

jason-tuhs at jason-tuhs at
Mon Oct 2 18:22:21 AEST 2017

>> The main TUHS list now:
>> [...]
>> - doesn't alter the Subject: line

> I was under the impression that the main list would remain as it was, 
> and those with fussy clients would use the new one.


All else being equal, I would prefer the old list retain the old behaviour 
(i.e., to add the "[TUHS]" string to the Subject line) if possible.

But if there's a strong reason to prefer to change the behaviour of the 
old list (which, based on the Subject lines, still seems to have the 
majority of users), that's fine to.

I really appreciate all the contributions from everyone who participates 
on this list, and especially Warren for his onoing work to maintain the 
list and the related resources.

So thanks!



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