Mangled and non-mangled TUHS mail lists

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Oct 2 11:01:50 AEST 2017

On Sun, 1 Oct 2017, Warren Toomey wrote:

> The main TUHS list now:
> - doesn't strip incoming DKIM headers
> - doesn't alter the From: line
> - doesn't alter the Subject: line
> and hopefully will keep most mail systems happy.

I was under the impression that the main list would remain as it was,
and those with fussy clients would use the new one.

> The alternative, "mangled", TUHS list:
> - strips incoming DKIM headers
> - alters the From: line
> - alters the Subject: line to say [TUHS]
> - puts in DKIM headers once this is done
> and hopefully will keep most mail systems happy but in a different way.

I really like seeing the "[TUHS]" tag (I can optically sort mailing lists) 
so I'll probably migrate, but I'll wait a bit for them to settle down.

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