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Mon Oct 2 05:09:59 AEST 2017

On Sep 28, 2017 11:02 PM, "Kevin Bowling" <kevin.bowling at kev009.com> wrote:

What is your favorite UNIX.  Three possible categories, choose one or more:

1) Free
2) Forced to use a commercial platform.  I guess that could include
macOS and z/OS with some vivid imagination, maybe even NT.
3) Historical

1. FreeBSD. It's super stable and tends to be logical. The documentation is great once you get over the learning curve. Debian is a close second for the same reasons. Mint with KDE Plasma 5 is beautiful and user friendly.

2. I used Sun OS with a CDE-like interface back in the day and that was ok. Mac OS X 10.5-10.12 are great.

3. I enjoy the research versions of unix and other OSes that are available for the SimH PDP 11 emulator.

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