[TUHS] Unix on PDP8?

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 05:55:31 AEST 2017


Was Unix ever ported to a PDP8, or any other 12 bit environment, for 
that matter? If not, why not? My understanding, such as it is, is that 
Unix was created on the PDP7 - btw, thank you very much, Ken Thompson, 
you definitely changed my world :), which is an 18bit machine, and that 
it soon found its first real home on the 16 bit PDP11 series of machines 
(an 11/20), and from there, ever upward or at least ever onward. I'm 
curious about it for historical reasons, of course, but also because 
I've been messing around in the PDP8 emulation world and enjoying the 
excursion into simplified ISA and memory architectures.


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