[TUHS] Datakit in V7

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Mon Nov 27 07:43:40 AEST 2017

There are some little bits in the public V7 source code that
suggest that it had support for Datakit, but that it was scrubbed
from the public release:

There is a Datakit header file:
and Datakit state bits are defined in 'sys/tty.h':

Does anyone know if this assumption (Datakit support in V7) is correct?

Perhaps more specific, was there a remote login program for V7/Datakit,
of for V6/Spider? For V8/Datakit there was 'dcon', but perhaps this
was built on earlier programs.

(I'm aware of 'cu' of course, but that does not support Datakit or

Being able to login to another host on the network seems so useful
that it is hard to believe that a precursor to 'dcon' did not exist for
V6 and/or V7.

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