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>I he finds one, I'll pass it on.great. Thanks a lot in advance.From: arnold at skeeve.comSent: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 18:25:23To: will.senn at gmail.com, leah at vuxu.orgCc: tuhs at minnie.tuhs.orgSubject: Re: [TUHS] TROFF made trivialLeah Neukirchen <leah at vuxu.org> asked:> >>     I found this paper by bwk referenced in the Unix manpages,> >>     in v4 as: TROFF Made Trivial (unpublished),> >>     in v5 as: TROFF Made Trivial (internal memorandom),> >>     also in the v6 "Unix Reading List",> >>     but not anymore in v7.> >>> >>     Anyone have a copy or a scan?Warner (I think):> > Is it what became known as "A TROFF Tutorial" in Volume 2 of the v7> > manual and was available as early as October 11, 1976 as referenced by> > Ossana in NROFF⁄TROFF User’s Manual as:> >> > 1.> >> >    [5]   B. W. Kernighan, A TROFF Tutorial, Bell Laboratories internal> >    memorandumI asked Brian off-list. His answer:> Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 06:24:22 -0500 (EST)> From: Brian Kernighan <bwk at CS.Princeton.EDU>> To: arnold at skeeve.com> Subject: Re: "TROFF made trivial"?>> That's almost surely what became the Troff tutorial.  I will poke> around to see if I have a paper copy.I he finds one, I'll pass it on.Arnold
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