[TUHS] UNIX on S/370

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Tue Nov 21 05:59:40 AEST 2017

Who knows if it will go anywhere.  I got dragged out of retirement with
hints of piles of money, so far, they loaned me a box.

I believe the likely target for this would be AMD's Epyc.  They have already
pushed one box to serve up about 100Gbit/sec of movies and that's with them
doing TLS in the kernel; be faster if they could get the NIC to do that.


The limiting factor, so far as I can tell, is memory BW and PCIe lanes.
Epyc seems to deliver more of that.

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 02:56:04PM -0500, Arthur Krewat wrote:
> I would love to see the results of that, including more information about
> the architecture in question.
> On 11/20/2017 2:10 PM, Larry McVoy wrote:
> >On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 02:07:27PM -0500, Paul Winalski wrote:
> >>It would mean that you wouldn't have to implement machine check
> >>support and other hardware error handling.  The VM hypervisor would do
> >>that for you.  It would also let you run multiple versions of UNIX
> >>simultaneously.  Very convenient if you're doing kernel or driver
> >>development.
> >Indeed.  I'm currently trying to convince Netflix that the way to get the
> >most performance out of a NUMA machine is to boot a different kernel on
> >each NUMA domain.  One way we might demo that is on a 4 domain system
> >lock down 3 hypervisors and their guest OS to 3/4 of the NUMA domains
> >and give the host kernel the 4th.
> >

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