[TUHS] basic tools / Universal Unix

Dario Niedermann dario at darioniedermann.it
Thu Nov 16 11:17:40 AEST 2017

Il 01/11/2017 alle 14:25, Tim Bradshaw ha scritto:

> Of course nowadays you can't rely on the thing called 'ed' being
> 'ed': I know someone who lives in ed but can't run it on some machines
> because it relies on something in /var somewhere being writable, which
> it isn't.  I've always thought that the *whole point* of ed was that
> it did not rely on vast tracts of the system actually being there,
> still less beng functional.  This person now has to edit things with
> cat (which, in some future release, will probably start assuming that
> there's a configured ipv6 interface or something, because why would
> that ever not be true?).

I recommend said person install `ed' from the Heirloom project: it's a
traditional version (with added support for UTF-8). It will even work on
modern GNU/Linux (I know for sure because it's the one I use).


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