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Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Thu Nov 16 05:52:19 AEST 2017

Suddenly I fell like I'm in a TECO support group ;)

I have my own implementations of TECO - both on UNIX and MSDOS (of all 
things). They both do colorization of structured programming, something 
that preceded EMACs colorization by a few years.

I always wondered if my released MSDOS version of TECO gave people ideas.

When did EMACS start coloring things? I started it in my TECO as of 
around 1984-1985 - it supported it in text strings, parentheses, etc. 
 From my MSDOS version, showing some MASM code:

The structured macros were inspired by Bruce Maier's structured macros 
he did for MACRO-10 on TOPS-10 in the mid to late 70's.

On 11/15/2017 2:01 PM, Clem Cole wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:13 PM, Bakul Shah <bakul at bitblocks.com 
> <mailto:bakul at bitblocks.com>> wrote:
>     Tom Almy's version,
> ​I'd forgotten Tom was a teco guy.   I'm not sure what happened too 
> it, but at some point Tom and I got the RT11 version (which was in 
> Macro-11 assembler) running in V7 @ Tektronix ​before we had vi. Tom 
> was the biggest user at that point.  I was running something Phil Karn 
> had brought to CMU from Cornell (and I took to Tektronix) called 
> 'fred' (friendly ed) which had compiled in terminal support. Fred 
> supported glass tty's; which is why I liked it even though I knew teco 
> & emacs from my 10's days.   Mark Bales came up from Berkeley later 
> that summer and brought 1BSD/2BSD with him (that's when I learned csh 
> and reprogrammed my fingers to the current rom configuration).  
> Gosling Emacs for UNIX does not show up until we started running Vaxen 
> and had the address space, so at the time it was ed, fred, vi, teco on 
> the 11s.

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