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Ian Zimmerman itz at very.loosely.org
Sun Nov 12 03:04:56 AEST 2017

On 2017-11-10 13:21, Norman Wilson wrote:

> -- It is unreasonably messy to give someone else a copy of a program
> composed of many internal modules.  Apparently you are expected to
> give her a handful of files, to be installed in some directory whose
> name must be added to the search path in every Python source file that
> imports them.  I have come up with my own hacky workaround but it
> would be nice if the language provided a graceful way to, e.g.,
> catenate multiple modules into a single source file for distribution.

Aren't to supposed to make an "egg", or something?

Even before those, you could make a package, "sdist" it, and have the
recipients run "python setup.py install".  Still simpler process than
installing many C libraries from source ...

> -- I miss one particular case of assigment having a value:
> that of
> 	while ((val = function()) != STOP)
> 		do something with val

I was once in a remote job interview with a Ruby shop.  I don't know
Ruby, but they said I could use Python.  Of course this situation came
up (it's pretty common when you think about it) and on this occasion a
whim made me write it thus:

while True:
    val = function()
    if val == STOP:

Their reply was overflowing with shock and horror that I would use
"while True", and that was the end of that opportunity for me.
Apparently Ruby has a construct to handle this cleanly, without having
to call function() from two sites.

> Toronto ON
> (Sitting on the lower level of a train in Texas, not on a pedestal)

What's a Torontonian doing in Texas?  Are you researching the sequel to
"Tideland" ? :-)

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