[TUHS] finding help in v7 in 1980

Nemo cym224 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 02:46:38 AEST 2017

On 10/11/2017, Will Senn <will.senn at gmail.com> wrote (in part):
> What resources did you consult in your early days and what
> did the workflow look like in practical terms.

I came late to UNIX.  I was not in the proper fiefdom at my
university.  We used VMS and Minix on PCs (I actually received a
samizdat copy from someone in med-sci).  Enlightment came when the
dep't bought a bunch of Sun kit.  By then the two-volume PH series
(with building blocks on the cover, I recall -- most apt) and I read
them cover to cover.  Workflow backend changed but upfront design et
cetera did not.


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