[TUHS] "hacker caught" paper

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Fri Nov 10 20:04:12 AEST 2017

"Steve Simon" <steve at quintile.net> wrote:

> I am trying to find a paper. It was written at Bell Labs,
> I thought by Bill Cheswick (though I cannot find it in his name),
> entitled something like:
> 	"A hacker caught, and examined"
> A description of how a hacker got into Bell labs, and was quarintined on
> a single workstation whilst the staff watched what they did.
> Does this ring any bells? Anyone have a link?
> I know about the Cuckoo's egg, but this was a paper, in troff and -ms macros
> as I remember, not a book.
> Thanks,
> -Steve

I remember the story and reading about it; maybe it was even one of
the CSTRs. So you're not imagining things.



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