[TUHS] pre-more pager?

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Thu Nov 9 12:16:12 AEST 2017

> On Nov 8, 2017, at 6:01 PM, Steve Johnson <scj at yaccman.com> wrote:
>  I was even more unhappy to discover that, while I was at lunch, our cat had found the box of used paper and used it as a litter box.  After the shock wore off, I picked up my highlighter anyway and marked the soggy lines I needed to retype...

Reminds me of a few lines in one of my favourite _Arrogant Worms_ songs (okay, they all are):

   William Shakespeare's in my cat
   He rarely ever talks
   He makes his loudest statements
   Standing in the litter box

Perhaps s/he was doing code review :-)


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