[TUHS] V8 and the terminal

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 04:36:40 AEST 2017

Ok... so I got vi to work full screen in a telnet session to the DZ port in V8. BTW TERM=vt132 seems to be the best option given the existing termcap. Yay. Now I'm a happy camper with my v8 instance and I'm reading Rochkind's book and learning lots more about everything from unix error codes to system programming etc. V8 is much more familiar ground to me than earlier versions (mostly vi) at this point. 

Anyway, my first question of the day is this - is vt132 the best that I can do terminalwise?

I'm not totally up to speed on terminals in ancient (or modern) unices, but I've been reading, and it seems that if I can match a termcap entry to my emulated terminal with a majority of available capabilities, that I would reach screen nirvana in my instance. Now, it also seems like my mac will emulate different terminals and defaults to something like xterm-256. I don't expect color to be supported, but I don't really know. This leads to a second question, if I take an xterm termcap entry and put it in my termcap file, will it work better than the vt entries? 

Is my logic correct, or am I thinking incorrectly about this?

Sidenote: now that I'm in v8 and having used v6 and v7 - McIlroy's reader actually is much, much more interesting and handy! Thanks, Doug!

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