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Date: 14 Nov 88 00:03 EST
From: TomZ at DDN1.arpa
Subject: FBI Contact re: November Internet Virus
To: TCP-IP at SRI-NIC.arpa
Cc: B602-ALL at DDN1.arpa, StJohns at beast.ddn.mil

         Were YOU hit by the November Internet Virus?

                      The FBI wants to hear from you!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is attempting to gather critical
information necessary to pursue this case under the Computer Fraud and
Abuse Act of 1986.  (This is the statute that makes it a federal crime
to penetrate a computer owned by or run on the behalf of the Government.)

The FBI Case Agent has asked the Defense Data Network Project Management
Office to collect the names of organizations and Points of Contact (names
and phone numbers) that were hit by the Virus.  The Defense Communications
Agency has established an E-Mail address for this collection at:

                       INFO-VACC [at] BEAST.DDN.MIL

    Points of Contact should expect to be contacted by their local FBI
    agents for dispositions due to the wide geographical area involved.

                     I * M * P * O * R * T * A * N * T

            The FBI needs this information to pursue the case.

      If we expect their aid in the future, we need to help them now.


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