[TUHS] Happy birthday, Morris Worm!

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 00:42:22 AEST 2017

On 11/2/17 8:46 AM, Norman Wilson wrote:
> Robert T Morris (the son who committed the famous worm) was an
> intern at Bell Labs for a couple of summers while I was there.
> He certainly wasn't an idiot; he was a smart guy.
> Like many smart guys (and not-so-smart guys for that matter),
> however, he was a sloppy coder, and tended not to test enough.
> One of the jokes in the UNIX Room was that, had it been Bob
> Morris (the father) who did it,
> a.  He wouldn't have done it, because he would have seen that
> it wasn't worth the potential big mess; but
> b.  Had he done it, no one would ever have caught him, and
> probably no one would even have noticed the worm as it crept
> around.
> Norman Wilson
> Toronto ON

I seem to recall that this story was included as part of The Cuckoo's 
Egg, by Clifford Stoll. I don't recall the specifics and I wonder if it 
has a bit of myth included, but somehow it was peripherally related to 
the investigations. Fuzzy recollection is that the worm got out during 
the investigation Clifford was involved in and it was Morris's son 
(Morris being in on the investigation somehow), and the kid getting off 
because of the position of the dad and the newness of the crime... or 
somesuch - don't shoot the messenger, but nobody mentioned Stoll, so I 
thought I'd chime in, in the hopes it might jog someone else's memory :).


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