[TUHS] basic tools / Universal Unix

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Thu Nov 2 08:51:25 AEST 2017


> OK, that I can understand.  It's ages since I played with
> readline, but I think you can preload the buffer it works on
> (bash does that, no?) so ed + readline could be made to work
> that way.


Or, if you have moved beyond the era of simulated glass
teletypes on graphics screens, you could do the editing
in the terminal (program).

It's a real shame the mux/9term way of doing things never
caught on.  I suppose it is because so many people are
wedded to programs that require cursor addressing; I'm
glad I never succumbed to that.

I use ed (or its cousin qed a la Toronto) for simple stuff.
Mostly I'll use the traditional commands, but sometimes
I will, in mux/9term style, print a line with p, type
c, edit the line on the screen, pick it up and send it,
type . return.

And of course I can do that sort of thing with any program,
whether or not it is compiled with some magic library.

All this is something of a matter of taste, but I have
sometimes amazed (in a good way) my colleagues with it.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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