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On 22 October 2017 at 13:00, emanuel stiebler <emu at e-bbes.com> wrote:

> On 2017-10-22 10:51, Dan Cross wrote:
> At one point, I had a copy of a bootable exabyte tape with 4.4-encumbered
>> installation and source images for SPARC, specifically sun4c machines, that
>> I had liberated from somewhere. My understanding was that the reference
>> hardware at Berkeley was 68030- and 68040-based HP 9000 machines,
> Which models exactly?
4.4BSD hp300 DOC/Options mentions the following:

        Support for old hp320 machines: 16mhz 68020, HP MMU, 16mhz 68881
        and VAC.  Compiles in support for a VAC, HP MMU, and the 98620A
        16-bit DMA channel.  Forces the definition of HAVEVAC.

        Support for old hp350 machines: 25mhz 68020, HP MMU, 20mhz 68881
        and VAC.  Compiles in support for a VAC and the HP MMU.  Differs
        from HP320 in that it has no support for 16-bit DMA controller.
        Forces the definition of HAVEVAC.

        Support for old hp330 (and 318/319) machines: 16mhz 68020, 68551
        and 16mhz 68881.  Compiles in support for PMMU.

        Support for old hp360 (and 340) machines: 25mhz 68030+MMU and 25mhz
        68882.  Compiles in support for PMMU and 68030.  Differs from HP330
        in support for 68030 on-chip data cache.

        Support for old hp370 (and current 345/375/400) machines: 33 (50)
        68030+MMU and 33 (50) mhz 68882.  Compiles in support for PMMU,
        and off-chip physically addressed cache.  Differs from 360 in only
        place, in dealing with flushing the external cache.

        Support for "current" hp380/425 (and 433) machines: 25 (33) mhz
        with MMU/FPU.  Compiles in support for 68040.

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