[TUHS] The evolution of Unix facilities and architecture

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sun May 14 09:01:41 AEST 2017

On Sat, 13 May 2017, Steve Simon wrote:

> this is (IMHO) a rather subtle bug, the ones i remember where rather 
> simpler. is it ok to discuss ancient security holes or is that still bad 
> manners?

Bring it on :-)  Any systems still vulnerable (and exposed to the 
Internet) deserves all that they get.

For example, I think I was the first one to mention the SPL bug here (note 
that I didn't find it); I'm still trying to find that little program which 
I think was published in a Usenix newsletter and exploited by, err, yours 

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will suffer."

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