[TUHS] The evolution of Unix facilities and architecture

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Thu May 11 22:40:02 AEST 2017

Erik Berls <erik at ono-sendai.com> wrote:
 |groff came into NetBSD (of which, FreeBSD 1.0 incorporated a
 |pre-release NetBSD 0.8 tarball), with the 386bsd + patchkit initial
 |import.  Sun Mar 21 09:45:37 1993 UTC, by cgd.  It was upgraded to
 |groff release 1.08 about 4 months later, by jtc.
 |Source: NetBSD’s cvsweb

So come, ey, Mr. Spinellis has a devilish red focus on FreeBSD.
No other BSD in sight.  For the git clone of FreeBSD that i have
i see groff-1.09 import as a series of committs starting with
[b4b083cfbe2] around 1995-01-17.  But i better should not have
looked, back then perl was still part of the base system, and
today Lua is missing, too.

P.S.: depite the fact that my VServer (still) runs Alpine happily.
At least there is awk, i currently have a mail-server rotation
period of ~12 hours because of otherwise valid nonsense
connections that blacklistd is not covering, and isn't it absurd
that i need to parse log files to recollect state that the server
has readily available.  But why complain and not coding something
better, yes.

|Ralph says i must not use signatures which spread the light!

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